it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine


i spent so much of my life being taught to hate famous women that now i find it physically impossible to judge them anymore. Beyoncé could pierce her entire face n I’d be like that’s her choice. Kristen Stewart could yell “fuck you” at a small child and i’d be like yeah, fuck that kid! Nicki Minaj could kill a man and I’d be like he probably deserved it

fuck it, I don’t have class until 1 and it has been a long ass day. I’m watchin Grey’s tonight and going into school early tomorrow to do debate shit

unboundandunbroken replied to your post “guess who has a class-period long debate tomorrow and hasn’t read one…”

Want some help? I competed in varsity debate for 4 years and coached it for 6

YES please oh my god, I don’t even know where to start.. I’m just going to make notes of each pro and con I can think of with sources/stats to back for now, any help/general guidance would be much appreciated. Our prop is ‘Non maximum security prisoners should be allowed to vote in 4 year presidential elections’

To the man in the Costco parking lot who handed me 2 neatly folded twenties today

First of all……What the fuck? Who does that?

You do not know about the weekend that I’ve had, let alone the day.. It didn’t matter to you though, all that mattered was you found someone who you could help and you did. 

Not only did you return my book for me; who the lady in Merchandise Return told me I needed a receipt for unless I was a member… you didn’t seem bothered by it at all. You told me you had nothing better to do, like it didn’t even phase you one bit. As we walked back out to my car, I expressed my gratitude. The $17 Cash Card I got from returning that old book (my last attempt at finding some extra cash for the next week) was going to buy me much needed tampons and gas (which I didn’t say of course, I just thanked you over and over)

My face must have given me away when we passed each other in the parking lot, and had you not said something to me about my shopping experience I wouldn’t have felt the gratefulness that I did in that moment, and still feel. When you offered to take the book in for me I felt relief. Finally something today worked out in my favor after hours of stressing and tears, and it was almost nothing to you. You barely even thought about it. 

When we went to part ways you shook my hand and introduced yourself. I believe you said your name was Mike. With that, you slipped $40 into my hand and said “Don’t say no.”

I remembered earlier you had asked me what the rest of my night consisted of, I told you I was on my way to put some gas in my tank and feed myself, and you seemed to understand. I can’t imagine what kind of life you’ve had, stranger. But I can only hope that one day I can revisit the kindness I experienced today from the other side. I will strive to be as caring as you, as casually nice. You’re one awesome dude. 

I was in awe, I didn’t know what to say. You wouldn’t let me argue, though.. just thank you. I cried in my car for 30 minutes after that, and I hope my gratitude came through as clearly to you as your kindness and generosity did to me. If there is another life after this one, I hope to come across your soul again. 

Thank you. 

guess who has a class-period long debate tomorrow and hasn’t read one single fuckin thing about their proposition